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  Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital affiliated to Tsinghua University, adheres to Tsinghua University's core strategy of "Strengthening the University with Talents". The hospital, committed to strengthening and accelerating the development of clinical medicine at Tsinghua University, is inviting high-level international and domestic talents for a bright future.

  I. Recruitment Position

  The Hospital intends to recruit clinical specialists and leading talents., young and middle-aged academic leader and young key personnel in clinical research, clinical teaching and research, basic medicine research, translational medicine research, clinical translational science research, and medical-industrial research development in various disciplines, especially in Oncology, Organ Transplantation, Rheumatology, Cardiac Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, and Pathology. We have long-term and short-term positions.

  II. Qualifications 

  1. Leading talents and discipline leaders with high level academic achievements, recognized by international peers, who meet the requirements of National Talent Projects and Beijing Talent Projects, and those who have obtained official positions in famous overseas universities, scientific research institutions and hospitals are preferred. And full-time work in the hospital is needed.

  2. Young key talents under 40 years of age. Domestic doctoral graduates must have more than 3 years of continuous overseas clinical and research work experience; Overseas research experience can be eased to those who have obtained doctoral degree and achieved outstanding results in overseas universities. Those who meet the requirements of National Talent Projects and Beijing Talent Projects are preferred. Full-time work in the hospital is needed.

  3. Short-term positions will rely on National Talent Projects, Beijing Talent Projects and other Talent attraction platforms. The hospital intend to recruit renowned and influential overseas experts and scholars to work for a short period.

  III. Compensation & Benefits

  The hospital offers an excellent career platform, decent salary, comfortable working environment, and customized conditions for high-level talents. The specific salary and start-up costs of research are negotiable.

  IV. Join us

  Candidate should send your application letter, resume, recommendation letter, etc. (name your application document as "Name+Profession+Position applied for") as an attachment to the recruitment email address:

  Contact: Ms. Hao.

  Phone Number: 010-56118680.

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